Benedict Bonus Program

Shop with Us at Benedict Subaru and Take Advantage of Our Benedict Bonus Program

For a limited time only, shoppers who purchase a new vehicle online from Benedict Subaru will automatically become a participating member of our Benedict Bonus Program. Designed to give back and to say thank you for choosing Benedict Subaru, the Benedict Bonus Program is an incentive program that rewards you with several perks and benefits. If you're in the market to buy a new car, look no further than our virtual showroom here at Benedict Subaru. Highlighted by popular new Subaru models for sale, including the Subaru Forester and Crosstrek, shop for your favorite new models and get rewarded with the Benedict Bonus Program.

Benefits of the Benedict Bonus Program

Here at Benedict Subaru, we reward loyalty with exclusive perks that show just how thankful we are for your business. During these tough times, we strive to foster loyalty and customer service to prove to you that we've got your back no matter what happens. When you purchase a new vehicle online from Benedict Subaru, drivers will get rewarded with three different benefits, including:

  • Free NYS inspection for life
  • Free first oil change
  • Free shuttle service

Free NYS Inspection for Life

The first perk of being a member of Benedict Subaru's Bonus Program is that you'll receive a free New York State Inspection annually for the entire lifecycle of your vehicle. As long as you're still living and driving your Subaru in New York, we'll cover all inspection costs when the time comes to get your vehicle inspected. A full-service facility serving drivers from Norwich, NY, and beyond, Benedict Subaru is a multi-faceted dealership that can perform your NYS Inspection right here on sight. Keep your car in good health and have it inspected for free by the experts here at Benedict Subaru the next time you're due.

Free First Oil Change

Secondly, being a member of our exclusive Benedict Bonus Program gets you your first oil change for free. Usually performed at around 5,000 miles, a Benedict Subaru oil change is poised to take you a long way. For no extra charge, we'll take the liberty of changing your Subaru's oil and your oil filter the first time you need it changed. Just give us a call and bring your vehicle back to our service center so that we can go ahead and change your oil. Using high-quality, OEM-specific oil products and filters, our service techs are equipped with the proper tools and technology to ensure a job well done. If you purchased a diesel vehicle, we'd help out with your first oil change by reducing the price by 50%.

Free Shuttle Service

If you need service performed on your existing Subaru model, our service team can help fix your vehicle and keep you on the roads, so don't have to miss anoter day of work. For Benedict Bonus Program members, we're offering complimentary shuttle service for drivers in Norwich, NY, while your car is in the shop. Everything from routine vehicle maintenance and emergency collision repair, our team will ensure you can get to and from your intended destinations without any hiccups this season. That's a Benedict Bonus Program member guarantee!

Contact Us to Learn More

If you're in the market for a new vehicle and you want access to one of the most exclusive reward programs in the area, Benedict Subaru is waiting for you. Offering participating drivers who purchase a new vehicle with access to our Benedict Bonus Program, now is the time to get behind the wheel of a new Subaru. For more information about the program and to learn more about the perks of joining us, please call or contact us online at Benedict Subaru. Happy shopping!

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