If you're like most Subaru owners, you probably love driving your Subaru any time of the year. Winter may bring the chance to slip and slide in blizzard conditions. Summer means it's time to take your Subaru on or off the country roads around Oneonta, NY. No matter what your driving plans are, experts say the change of seasons is the perfect time to schedule standard maintenance procedures.

Spring Service Items

Winter's turn into spring brings the promise of warmer temperatures, rain, and extended driving. To get ready for warm-weather driving, experts recommend some spring-specific maintenance items.

Address Performance Issues

If you notice any problems with starting, idling or stalling, it could be related to temperatures. Please contact Benedict Subaru and we will correct the issue right away.

Engine and Cabin Cooling Systems

Spring is the perfect time to flush your engine's cooling system and replace its coolant. It is also the time to check your air conditioning system. In addition to fluid levels, all belts, clamps, and hoses should be inspected before the summer heat begins.

Change Oil and Filters

In line with your normal maintenance schedule, spring is a great time for an engine oil and filter change. Other filters such as cabin air, engine air, fuel, and PCV should also be checked and replaced at the same time.

Check, Rotate and Replace Tires

Winter cold and summer heat can both take a toll on your tires. A spring tire check ensures that your tires are in solid condition, ready for another season of travel. Depending on your climate, driving style and preferences, spring is also the time to switch from winter to summer tires.

Generally, if you live in a climate that sees either extreme heat or extreme cold, it is a good idea to switch between winter and summer tires. Winter and summer tire compounds are made specially to withstand temperature extremes, especially for high-performance driving.

Subaru Spring Service at Benedict Subaru

For genuine Subaru parts, service and customer care in Oneonta, NY, there is no better choice than a Subaru dealer like Benedict Subaru. Contact our service center team and schedule your spring service today.

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