Snow is Here and it’s Time to Get Your Vehicle Prepared for Winter with Help from the Service Center at Benedict Subaru

We’ve already seen the snow start to fall which means there is no avoiding it any longer: winter is on its way. As we all know, the winter season in the Oneonta, NY area can get kind of rough, so it is important that you are prepared to tackle it head on. No one wants to be caught in the snowy and icy weather with a vehicle that isn’t prepared. Subaru cars, hatchbacks, and SUVs are known for their strong capability in inclement weather, and on bad roads, but every vehicle needs some basic car services done in order to have the best chance at successful winter months. The service center at Benedict Subaru, located at 4814 State Highway 23 in Norwich, NY, is a great place to get this maintenance done and start the winter on the right footing.

Be Ready to Go When the Snow Starts Falling

There are just a few basic services that our service center can help you with to give you a leg up on driving this winter. One of the things that our Binghamton, NY drivers will want us to inspect is their battery. The last thing anyone needs is to be stuck on a cold winter day because their car won’t start. If the battery doesn’t pass our inspection, we can replace it for you. Our service team can also inspect your windshield wipers and brakes to make sure they are ready to go for the winter. While, we’re at it, Cortland, NY customers can also have their fluid levels checked to make sure they are all set.

Are you a Utica, NY driver who needs winter tires or needs to have their current tires inspected? Our service center can help. We can take a look at the current tires you have and make sure you have the proper tread or install some new tires for you after you purchase them at our parts center. We advise you to buy winter tires because they are made for the winter and will get you maximum traction on the snowy and icy roads we face.

Schedule an Appointment

Winter will be here before you know it, so make your service appointment at Benedict Subaru, in Norwich, NY. You can use our online service scheduler and get a time to come in before the snow makes driving difficult for you.

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