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For a strong community, we need members that step up and take the initiative to strengthen our ties to one another in the Oneonta area and surrounding communities, working towards creating the type of community that we all to be part of. We see this being done in all kinds of ways, but it is valuable to take the time to honor those who help to create the kind of place that we want to live in.

Check in regularly to find out which community member is in the spotlight!


What is the community member spotlight? Every month, we recognize an individual who has worked directly on community initiatives. These initiatives make our community safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable be a part of.

By highlighting the importance of certain people from the Utica area and beyond that role-model what it means to be active in our community, it is our hope that we all strive to make the same difference that they do. By following in the footsteps of those that blazed the way or by emulating their good intentions, we can all continue to make a positive difference in the Cortland area.

So, how does it work? When a community member has been nominated for their outstanding, ongoing contributions to the greater Binghamton area, we take the time to honor their efforts by writing a paragraph of their accomplishments.

Does someone spring to mind as the ideal candidate for our spotlight? Let us know! We would be happy to increase the visibility of those that make Norwich a lovely place to live. We reserve the spotlight to one community member a month, but be sure to still let us know who you would like to see recognized.

We update our Community Spotlight page every month, so check in routinely to see who has been making a difference in your community!

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